Stratas Advisors

Stratas Advisors, a Hart Energy company, is a global consulting and advisory firm that provides integrated analyses and insights across the full spectrum of the energy sector and related industries. Our research and consulting staff comprises of professionals located on the ground in key global energy market centers, and include those with expertise in technology, economics, finance and international relations.

Our clients represent a diverse range of sizes, energy sectors, industries and regions – including international oil companies, national oil companies, independent producers, midstream companies, independent refiners, petrochemical companies, companies operating within heavy industry sectors, automotive and transportation companies, financial entities and government agencies.

We focus on helping our clients gain a deeper understanding of future market conditions and competitive landscape – and the associated upside potential and associated risks – and to position themselves to generate high-quality, risk-adjusted returns. In short, we empower our clients to achieve tangible results through informed strategic decision-making and the implementation of appropriate strategic initiatives.