ADVISORS is a service provider for consulting and training solutions with a focus on Innovative Project Management Frameworks and PMO Consulting services, in addition to Capacity Building, Training Programs, Outsourcings and Networking & Conferencing.

ADVISORS is Global Education Provider for Project Management Institute, partner for Knowledge Management Institute, Shipley Limited UK, Strategy Implementation Institute, VizworX for AR/VR/AI, Member of American Lebanese Chamber of Commerce, and has partners in Riyadh, Jeddah, Kuwait, Beirut, Algiers, Tunis, Belgium, Calgary, London and Washington DC.

Our goal is for organizations to succeed in their transformations to achieve excellence in delivery and sustainability by building locally competent and capable capacity. We offer over 60 courses, all registered with PMI.

Our teams help private and government organizations overcome their pains and challenges, and realize some of their strategic objectives by providing customized training and consulting services, because we believe no one-size-fits-all. With over 25 international experts and thought leaders we have been offering valuable services for PMO and Strategy Realization in the government, oil & gas, utilities, transportation, municipality, manufacturing, telecommunications and health.


We believe in crafting and sharing authentic knowledge that makes our organizations better. We take joy in networking our partners with the thought-leaders of our domain. We feel pride in enhancing our partners’ lives through Strategy, Consulting and Education. We do this with Integrity and Professionalism; yesterday, today and tomorrow. We have no clients, only partners.

Portfolio of Consulting and Training Services:

  • PMO Establishment, Improvement, Interfacing and Operations
  • VRO and VRP Initiation, Establishment and Operations
  • PMO-PMC Integration, Development and Sustainability
  • PMIS Selection, Implementation, Customization, and Operations
  • Organizational Maturity Assessment Models and Solutions (OPM3 Methodology)
  • Benefits Management including Definition, Realization, Transfer and Sustainability
  • Strategy Enablement and Alignment of Strategic objectives with Projects and Programs
  • Transformation Programs and Roadmaps Development
  • Project Management Units Development and Operations
  • Business Processes Development, Modeling and Enhancement
  • Capacity Building Programs and Initiatives for Organizations and Governments
  • Training for a Purpose – A Consultative Approach